The Importance Of Online Social Media

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Today’s teens and tweens are connected to one another, and to the world, via digital technology more than any preceding generation. Recent data suggests that social media venues like Facebook and Twitter have surpassed e-mail as the preferred method of communication in all age groups. While today’s tweens and teens may be more digitally savvy than their parents, their deficiency of maturity and life experience can quickly get them into trouble with these new social venues. For this reason, it is imperative that parents talk with their children of all ages about social media and supervise their online social media use to help them navigate this new online social world. How parents talk with their kids and teens will vary slightly by age depending on the topic being discussed. These tips will help you start that journey with your family. If you allow your kids to have access to social media, be sure to follow the rules and tips provided on specific websites. Additionally, when setting up a social networking account, be sure to access the security settings area, click on privacy settings and then set the desired settings to make sure your child’s …show more content…
Unlike traditional bullying, cyberbullying doesn 't require physical strength or face-to-face contact and isn 't limited to just a handful of witnesses at a time. Cyberbullies come in all shapes and sizes almost anyone with an Internet connection or mobile phone can cyberbully someone else, often without having to reveal their identity. Cyberbullies can torment their victims 24 hours a day and the bullying can follow the victim anywhere so that no place, not even home, ever feels safe, and with a few clicks the humiliation can be witnessed by hundreds or even thousands of people

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