The Importance Of Online Higher Education

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Personally, Online Higher Educations Individualist Fallacy is a mix of emotions for me. He is basically stating online education is not the same as at college on a campus. Of course, college has its advantages with surrounding yourself with other students eager to learn, but who says everyone is actually there to learn?
Courses online, depending on which school you take them through, diverge in levels of criteria, also depending on the degree you are aiming for. For example, you are majoring In Physics; Physics is the study of the entire universe, studying stars far beyond our earth, to explaining the simple things like why water is shaped in a droplet. It’s a study of the world around you. While others seek a degree in say Education, research
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Yes, technology is awesome! We have the power to answer any question imaginable at our fingertips! Sadly, we have the ability to block out everything around us as we utilize these technologies, as well. Computers are capable of giving us the answers we need for the questions at hand, rather it be “What time is it?”, or “Why is my daughters hair brown?”. We are also able to use the computers and devices such as our phones with built in mini-computers to cheat. Why are we paying for school if we aren’t actually learning anything at all, but testing online to google our answers from our smart phones? Doesn’t sound like learning to me. Technology will one day take over. Books will not exist and paper and pen will be a thing of the past. Personally I hope I am not here to see that day. Sadly enough it will come. We cannot control technology or how people utilize it. People learn in different ways …show more content…
You are missing out on the experience. If I had to make a decision between colleges on campus vs online courses, without a doubt my answer would be college classes on campus in a structured class with an enthused professor. As Johann Neem put it, “The goal of bringing students to campus for several years is to immerse them in an environment in which learning is the highest value, something online environments, no matter how interactive, cannot simulate. Real learning is hard”. It is really quite simple, online courses do not offer the interaction one needs to learn. Yes, you can learn enough to pass the tests, but did you actually retain the information. I guess you will have to see in the future when you apply it to your future

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