The Importance Of One 's Identity Is An Essential Being Of Distinguishable Difference From Others

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The importance of one’s identity is to know thyself; an essential being of distinguishable difference from others. To know thyself is a life long journey based on family values, culture, gender, sexuality, and influences. The very foundation of the self, is to know the true identity of where one belongs and can be at peace with. An identity is complex and is ever evolving based solely on economic, cultural, and social status. No longer content with fixed roles, an identity is a character and is never defined. Therefore, an identity is determined by the persona given at a particular time. While one may argue the self and identity is one in the same, the self is the true content of one’s character, whereas an identity is a façade to conceal the less desirable reality of ones character.
Numerous factors contribute to consciousness of the self. From the day of birth, cultural values and family traditions are taught and have an enormous impact. When growing up, the environment plays a pivotal role and a major contributing factor that molds the self-identity. Values, beliefs, education, religion, family and friends guide the personality of the individual. A common factor of constant negativity can produce a low self-esteemed image of the self. However, positive reinforcement will encompass a personality of self-worth and confidence.
Moreover, society and dominant culture determines one’s perspective of their role. Influences of the dominant culture can instill…

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