The Importance Of One Man May Not Be Essay

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What is important to one man may not be as important to another. Marcelo Hernandez and Ramiro Flores are practically strangers. Of course they have some things in common. They live in the same county and attend the same college. They both have only one sibling. Both Marcelo and Ramiro have full time jobs and attend college full time. Yet they are also different. Ramiro tries to attend church weekly while Marcelo isn’t religious and stays home while his family goes to church. Ramiro was born in Hobbs and moved to Lovington while Marcelo was born in El Paso and moved to Hobbs. Ramiro is eighteen and Marcelo considers himself older than the average college student. They have their own lives filled with family, work, classes and so much more. Although loved ones are very important to both Ramiro and Marcelo, they differ significantly when it comes to their future career choice and hobbies.

The most important thing to both Marcelo and Ramiro are their families and loved ones. Marcelo has been married for thirteen years and they have two children; a ten year old girl and an eight year old boy. They have gone to Disneyland three times for vacation and love it so much they plan to go again. Marcelo spends a lot of his time focused on his children and their activities. Both of his kids are competitive swimmers and his son also plays soccer. Ramiro also puts family as a priority in his life. His parents and older sister encourage him to be the best…

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