The Importance Of Older People In Society

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As people are living longer, the population of older people is growing significantly. This brings with it many societal and financial challenges. It becomes increasingly important to gain an insight and understanding into how older people are included in society and to ensure it is an equal one for all. According to the National Positive Ageing Strategy (2013), older people are often stereotyped as immobilised and sick, or people who do not have anything to offer a society. Although, ageing should not be regarded as a disease. It is a natural stage in life that deserves to be looked on positively. The aim of the National Positive Ageing Strategy (NPAS) in Ireland is to create a society for all ages, one that prepares for individual and population …show more content…
A reason for you to get up each day, and the importance of having a routine in your day to day life can help stabilise mental and physical health. If not, it is vital to get older adults involved into the community and to find something they enjoy, in order to find their meaning in life and to help each day that passes by a little easier. The NPAS’s first goal aims to implement an age friendly society, which welcomes older people into the community. It hopes to generate a number of employment opportunities and gradual retirement prospects for people as they grow older. This can allow older adults to sustain a comfortable and pleasant standard of living. It creates an inclusive society, one in which generations come together through working environments and to build relationships. It may also help to break stereotypes of our older population, who due to being retired perhaps, are seen as “taking advantage” of social welfare payments (NPAS, 2013). What about the people who wished to continue working but were forced to retire due to their age or an illness? Employers often prefer to employ and keep younger workers rather than the older workers. ‘Older & Bolder’, a national alliance of eight non-governmental organisations, fight for older people’s rights and the freedom of choice. Their argument is that if people wish to work longer, then they should be allowed to do so. They believe mandatory retirement ages are an example of discrimination against one’s age. (Ageing, the Demographic Dividend and

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