Should Oil Companies Use Oil As Resources For Energy?

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Why are we still using oil and coal as resources for energy? It is destructive to our environment and it is not very efficient. Then why would we keep using it? Because capitalism. Capitalism is why we are still using these, especially oil. There is a mass amount of money in these areas because it is extracted cheaply, and the whole world needs it. America as well as other countries such as Saudi Arabia refuse to make the complete switch to green technologies because of the amount of money in the oil industry. Companies like Chevron and Shell are destroying the world for money. They have their motives, and they relate to the vocabulary of class. The social stratification of our society plays a large role of the dominance of the oil industry. The oil companies are some of the most wealthy companies in the world, and they want to stay on the top. They do not want the green”companies passing them by because then they would lose money and power, so they make it extremely hard for green companies to have any social mobility. The oil companies make oil cheaper than the green …show more content…
Pipelines put through people’s backyards in the Middle East? That is wrong. It causes health issues because they are not properly taken care of, and it makes it very hard for people to live because of the income gap. The rich control the oil, and they will do what they will to make money. The media also helps out the oil industry to make money and greater the gap. They use value messages to make oil look good, so less people make the change to alternative options. The rich use a lot of oil, so the lower classes follow and use oil too. The oil companies do what they can to influence the media so they use motives. Oil companies want their interests promoted by the media. Fast, gas guzzling cars are cool right? That is just an emotional transfer, they want you to think that, so you have to buy more

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