Student Debt In College Essay

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Obtaining a higher education can be one of the most important decisions one can make in life, but also a costly one. The choice to continue an education comes with a variety of responsibilities. One must have a significant level of determination, focus, and self-discipline in order to successfully achieve any goals while in college. But, for some, the one obstacle putting a halt are the funds it takes to attend college. The thought of taking out a mass amount of student loans along with the pressures of paying it all back is enough to make anyone think such a decision through. Debt should not deter people from attending college because they can pay off student debt. To begin, taking out student loans and having to pay off debt is seen as …show more content…
Some of these worries stem from having to pay back massive amounts of money, the extent of time it will take to pay it back, and interest rates. Other concerns come from possibly being from low income families and having that much money available is simply not feasible. So, instead working right after high school seems like a more appropriate option. A lack of resources or opportunities can also be very discouraging. Because all of these restrictions, taking out the money and time spent is not worth it to some. This feeling is reinforced especially when deciding on future careers and goals. Some do not see the point in taking out the money for higher education when there is an abundant amount of confusion on deciding what profession to be in. In some cases, others may say that having a job in the profession studied, is not always guaranteed; spending all that money and time to not even have a secure job is not worth it. All these factors can put one in a weary position, thus choosing not to gain a higher education. If there is a possibility of uncertainty, why put anything at risk; especially if large sums of money is involved. The argument that one does not necessarily have to gain a higher education also rises. There are many people who do not have a college education or who did not finish their schooling, and they became quite

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