How Does Obesity Affect Society

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One of the greatest issues in the United States and society is Obesity, which has increased throughout time according to the Health Americans website. This issue has not been given the importance that it deserves as an “epidemic” that kills and causes great impact on a person’s health. The average individual in society has never really payed attention to what they consume. Our society has been engulfed in an unquenchable desire for food, whether healthy or not, processed or unprocessed. Society today has only been getting wider rather than being lean, all this is due to the fact that present day foods are obesogenic and unhealthy. Unfortunately, most of the population would prefer a fast meal (eating out) rather than having a home-cooked meal. Common sense dictates that our food products are beneficial to our everyday lives. Our society has come up with the assumption that our food products Although, its commonly presumed that food …show more content…
One way would be to cut back on the spending of processed snacks such as chocolate or chips. Another thing would be to grow a garden and from those vegetables and fruits make a meal. If growing a garden isn’t possible then buy from a local farmer who can be considered as an organic farmer. By doing this there is a greater chance to not become obese and have a well-balanced life. Following a healthy lifestyle can help you prevent overweight and obesity. Many lifestyle habits begin during childhood. Thus, young adults should encourage the future generation to make healthy choices, such as following a healthy diet and being physically active. Changing eating habits will be difficult, but not impossible. For example, making healthy choices when it comes to what eat. There are endless possibilities for food, but not all are safe. Foods are filled unknown substances such as harmful chemicals and genetically modified (GMO’s) that are unconsciously eaten by

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