Obesity Among College Students Essay

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Obesity has been a horrendous problem in the United State. Bad eating habits are the leading cause of this. The United States has one of the highest obesity rates. It is a problem that is on the up rise. A study done by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says, “ about 5.2 million college students are obese” (USA Today). This is a scary fact it is proceeding the “freshman 15” and going straight to obesity. According to the “American College Health Association, the percent of overweight and obese American college students increased from 27.4 percent in 2006 to 29.2 percent in 2011”(Anderson, 1). This number is going to continue to get worse if action is not taken. Obesity is common in college students due to insignificant food regulations, alcohol consumption, and stress.
Thousands of college students eat more than one meal
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Healthy eating not only gives you more energy but it also has physical health benefits. The food we eat has a dramatic influence on your overall function, because it is fuels your body. Just like anything else we need something to keep us going. College students need to be educated on this matter. According to The Student Guide To Nutrition, “You risk more than weight gain when you fall face-first into a cheeseburger day after day, you also risk a lower GPA, susceptibility to illness, and increased fatigue when you make consistently poor food choices” (Nutrition). On average women need twelve percent fruits, twenty four percent grains, seventeen percent dairy, thirty two percent protein, and fourteen percent vegetables (Nutrition, 1) Men on average need nine percent fruits, twenty nine percent grains, sixteen percent dairy, thirty two percent’s protein, and fifteen percent vegetables (Nutrition, 1). Most college student’s daily diet is unhealthy meals at the dinning halls and snack foods. They are not receiving the recommended amount, which results in poor performance and

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