The Importance Of Obesity And Nutritional Education

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Obesity continues to be on the rise at such an alarming rate that it is now considered an epidemic, apart from tobacco, there is perhaps no greater harm to the collective health in the U.S. than obesity (Mozaffarian, 2009). “It’s often been said that we wouldn’t need healthcare reform if we had obesity reform” (Lustig, 2013, p 5). Obesity is a complex disorder involving an excessive amount of body fat. Principal causes of obesity are inactivity and unhealthy diet; although obesity can be caused by other factors including genetic, behavioral and hormonal influences on body weight, which can sometimes be traced to a medical cause. Increased living costs have led to increasingly busier lifestyles and more stress leaving families less time to prepare …show more content…
Currently, there is so much confusion about what is a healthy food choice because of the constant change in the media about different diets and contrasting opinions about foods like dairy, non- fat vs. full fat etc. Offering cooking classes at school and in community programs to teach people how to create healthy meals using, herbs, spices, healthy grains, protein sources and vegetables can help teach people to have fun with healthier food choices. Increasing awareness via marketing about how toxic sugar is with facts like “78 ways sugar can ruin your health” (Appleton) and how the value of whole foods and spices can provide many health benefits, listing in detail all of the benefits (2016 living water natural healing). A lot of people would be shocked to know how healing whole foods can be. Make nutrition classes required for welfare programs and new parents. A lot of people think that “all calories are equal” (Lustig,2013) which also increases the confusion factor; offering nutrition classes to teach people how food is processed in the body for both good and bad results among many other topics regarding nutrition could inspire people to make different choices. Develop programs in schools and communities for resources and tools on growing your own garden. Education is power, so let’s start a movement that will create different ways of thinking and living. It’s important to remember that these changes will need to be integrated so that all income levels will be provided the same opportunities to begin lifestyle

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