The Importance Of Nursing

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Theresa was a typical high school girl. She played basketball and ran cross country for track. Academically, she was a good A and B student with a very hard work ethic. Around December of her junior year, Theresa’s wisdom teeth had grown in and needed to be removed. She came back from the dentist and it took her two hours to wake up. When she did, she was in an extreme amount of pain. As her little sister, it was hard to watch her as she wouldn’t stop screaming. Two weeks later, Theresa was still in pain. She couldn’t eat because every time she moved her jaw she started to cry. The pain was so terrible that she couldn’t sleep and didn’t get any rest for a few days. Our parents took her back to the dentist and he …show more content…
Nursing will allow me to help others like I tried to help my sister. According to the language of caring website, by showing that you care for a patient’s health and well-being they are more likely to open up and tell you what is bothering them or what they need help with. My sister’s nurses were decent at this. The notes they took on her helped the doctors diagnose Theresa correctly. The nurses did a great job calming her while they ran multiple tests and when she was recovering from her surgeries. They changed her life like I want to help change others for the better. My father was an enormous factor in my decision to become a nurse. His advice was to choose something practical so I could have the money to do what I love on the side. My Dad would always say “It’s something stable that needs a lot of people. You’ll always have a job and the money’s good.” I followed his advice because human science is easy for me. Also, whatever my father says goes with no objections. Right now, this is how I need to complete my life since it’s what my father wants and he’s the one paying for my

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