Personal Nursing Theory Analysis

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In the quest to discover your personal nursing theory, you can learn remarkable things about yourself. It is important to learn and develop your priorities with regards to your nursing career in order to be successful and satisfied. Sometimes those priorities change or turn out to be different from what you originally thought was important to you. When you examine your views about nursing, patients, and your career, you can find a whole new side to yourself and become more confident as a nurse. By examining the works of other theorists, you will gain insight into their work but also into your own.
Theory Development
First stage
Patricia Benner’s Theory of Novice to Expert examines the differences and the hierarchy of nurses working in the
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Looking at the title of my theory, “From Novice to Expert” I can explain the transitioning of the novice graduate nurse to an expertly educated nurse. With my experience I must redefine the terms “knowing how” and “knowing that”. I must explain that a novice nurse can gain knowledge and skills by knowing how to do a skill, without ever knowing a theory behind the knowledge. My research was performed while I was working on the facility at the University of California San Francisco in 1984. (Benner, 2012) I was thinking of a way to break down the career path of a nurse into five separate stages of development of a nurse. Those stages were, novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient and expert. Each stage describes the progression of the nurse through the skills that are learned through the everyday lessons learned through employment. (Nursing Theorists, 2016). It seemed like a logical process to me, though I had never seen this before in a journal. I compiled the information that I had researched and presented it to my coworkers in a poster presentation. I was amazed at how well my theory went over with my colleagues! Not only were they impressed with my creativity, but with the information that they gained through my …show more content…
I have already realized that the basis of the theory is nursing knowledge. I also know that this knowledge grows at different rates with different nurses. I have also learned that some nurses, though experienced, do not want to take on extra duties or responsibilities. So even though they can be considered “competent” in the theory, they do not want the recognition. Stratification of nurses in the clinical setting is an important thing. It gives the nurses a sense of belonging, it can give them camaraderie with their fellow nurses and can also give them the desire to learn

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