The Importance Of Nursing Theories In Nursing

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Have you ever wondered where the techniques, practices, and ways of caring for a patient came from in the nursing profession? Many theorists over time have developed their nursing theories to provide a framework for which nursing is practiced. A nursing theory is “a conceptualization of some aspect of nursing that describes, explains, predicts, or prescribes nursing care” (Potter, Perry, Stockert, & Hall, 2013). The purpose of theories in nursing is to provide a way to assess patients and data, make decisions regarding care, inductively and deductively reason, and critically think through problems. The theories are guidelines for nurses to follow in order to link the art and science of nursing together. Jean Watson developed the theory of transpersonal caring to describe the relationship between the nurse and the patient in all healthcare settings, which is still widely used today. Jean Watson has written several books from 1979 to the present day, according to Favero, Pagliuca & Lacerda (2013), the first being Nursing: the philosophy of science and caring. In this book she released her Theory of Human …show more content…
It has maintained its overall structure since its publication to newer publications within the past few years. She formed the carative factors, but has since then changed them to the clinical caritas processes in 2008. These clinical caritas process within her theory are the framework for the future of nursing. Theories are important in the nursing profession for nurses to apply and generate them within their work. (Power, 2014). Power believes they are central to asserting nursing as a profession and by formulating these theories, nurses will have the knowledge to guide, describe, and predict the practice of nursing (2014). The knowledge from these scientific theories are important in providing care based around the mind, body, and soul of a person (Power,

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