The Importance Of Nursing Practices

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Register to read the introduction… In addition, nursing plays an important role in patient outcomes; therefore, measuring outcomes may have positive effect on the delivery of care. According to researchers, “nurses, as the principal caregivers in any healthcare system, directly and profoundly affect the lives of clients and are critical to the quality of care they receive”(Farmer, 2009, p. 207). Thus, any nursing practice influences patient outcomes.
The role of nursing leadership in the success of meeting the established goals in quality and value initiatives
Nursing leadership plays a crucial role in the success of meeting the established goals in quality and value initiatives. Nursing leadership helps to create effective “mentoring culture in acute care environments” (Farmer, 2009, p. 535). Nurses should be ready to demonstrate their leadership skills when they perform the tasks to achieve the established goals in improving health care practices. Personal mastery and competence of nurses form the basis of leadership nursing. Besides, nurses demonstrate their leadership skills through the application of their cultural values, which affect
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Nursing administration provides nurses with different roles that can be found at all levels of organization’s management. Financial management for nurses involves finding solutions to various budgeting issues, which come from health care disciplines, such as radiology, emergency department, etc. Nurses should be well-prepared to avoid the pitfalls that are connected with improper controlling of nursing costs, nursing shortages, measuring productivity, and other issues (Kelly & Tazbir,

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