The Importance Of Nuclear Weapons In Hiroshima

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In the winter of 2009, I have stayed in Hiroshima for three days for traveling. On the final day of staying, I visited Genbaku Dome. It is a building which miraculously survived the explosion of an atomic bomb in 1945, and the government of Hiroshima city is still maintaining it as a memorial. When I visited there, I keenly felt the pain of war and the cruelty of nuclear weapons. Even though the building is still alive now, the victims who were around there were killed at the moment of the explosion. Although nuclear weapons are the most relentless weapons in the human history, they still exist around the world; therefore, humanity have to strive to gradually reduce nuclear weapons as their responsibility.
Nuclear weapon is the most cruel weapon
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In the Cold War, people were threatened by risks of a nuclear war. 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy stated about the threat of nuclear war in his speech when he inaugurated the U.S. president. In his speech, he pointed out that the United States and USSR had competed an advantage of nuclear armaments generated their serious confrontation and suspicious minds. His speech appears that a lot of people around the world felt some reality of nuclear wars and were threatened about it. The Cold War has gone, but unfortunately, the world should go to a similar situation because of nuclear proliferation. If spreading of nuclear weapons continues in the world, a lot of country start to arm themselves with nuclear weapons, and they must make serious confrontations in many places of the world in the same way with the Cold …show more content…
A lot of activists are struggling to make nuclear-free world, and Barack Obama is a typical person about anti-nuclear weapons policy. He made a speech in Prague and claimed nuclear weapons have to be abolished in 2009. In this speech, he defined “the existence of thousands of nuclear weapons is the most dangerous legacy of the Cold War (Graham par. 22).” In addition, he promised that the United States starts reducing her nuclear weapons for prevailing Russia as a responsibility of the country of nuclear powers for building peace of the world. Like he said, nuclear weapons have to be reduced for the making peaceful world, and people also have to start considering about nuclear weapons and claiming to reduce them for supporting anti-nuclear

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