Essay about The Importance Of Nonverbal Communication On Everyday Life

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Communication is essential in daily life. People are constantly communicating with each other, often without even realizing it. With just 7% of communication coming from words, it is extremely important to understand, and have the ability to control, nonverbal communication. Knowing how to read and understand nonverbal communication will give the ability to understand people. Often when making a first impression, appearance is taken into account and judged before anything is spoken. For instance, if a person attends a job interview in their pajamas, the hiring interviewer is going to automatically be biased against them. However, showing up in dress slacks and a button-down shirt will give the aura of professionalism and confidence, allowing a more comfortable and fair interview to take place. Appearance is not simply clothing though. A smile is a universal symbol that puts people at ease. Typically when a person is seen smiling, it is assumed they are happy or comfortable with their life and surroundings. This is not always the case; often, people smile just for the effect of looking happy or comfortable. It feels normal for a person to smile. People smile most of the day as a way to mask their true feelings. Often, people get so used to covering themselves with a smile that they do not even notice it (Fast 65-66). Appearance cannot be weighed alone when trying to understand what a person is truly trying to communicate. Distance says a lot. “Every person has a…

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