The Importance Of Nonprofit Organizations Can Not Be Understated

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The importance of nonprofit organizations can not be understated. They offer helpful services in so many areas such as health, religion, environment, education, and more. Youth development is an especially important service in today’s changing world. School is becoming increasingly competitive and stressful for young people as the resumes of so many begin to grow and become more impressive. It is important for these young people to have a source of relaxation and entertainment while also learning and developing skills to assist them in standing out in this world. This is why the Boy Scouts of America was founded. Boy Scouts provides an opportunity for young people to experience adventures in the outdoors while also learning important skills and traits such as leadership and commitment to service. The Boy Scouts of America is overall a successful nonprofit organization and helps improve the lives of so many young people in America.
The Boy Scouts of America was founded originally by Lord Robert Baden-Powell in Great Britain in 1908 (Kelsey). Powell is most often considered the father of Boy Scouts even if he did not found the Boy Scouts here in America. The founder of Boy Scouts of America is WD Boyce who extended the reach of Boy Scouts to America in 1910 (Kelsey). The organization was not officially chartered by Congress until 1916 when Woodrow Wilson officially signed the congressional charter which reads that “The purposes of the corporation are to promote, through…

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