The Importance Of Nisa 's Account Of Her Life Essay

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Sophia Nguyen
Period 5
Chapter 1 Document
1. I feel that Nisa’s account of her life helps with understanding the much earlier Paleolithic people is very helpful because it gives a first person perspective on the life of a person living in a hunting-gathering society, like the Paleolithic people. Because Nisa doesn’t get much exposure to people outside her society, communicating with others was especially more important to her.
2. To Nisa, sex was very important to her because she didn’t want to make love until she had fully realized the idea of love. It’s very different from contemporary society because sex was more sacred to the people of her generation, and in our society, it’s not as valued.
3. Nisa believes that God is a cruel deity that has a heart distant from people because he took away her husband from her, and she understands that God is the one who destroys. Nisa doesn’t seem to know too much about the curing rituals that she took part in because she acted very mixed about it. She said that she felt pain while being in a trance, but it isn’t exactly clear because she was recounting the moments when she was in a trance and how it felt.
4. Nisa’s overall assessment of San life is very traditional and secluded, considering that they didn’t have any electricity and aside from her people, she didn’t know anyone. To me, it’s very realistic because she had no contact with anyone outside of her main group and also had no way of researching the outside world, so her story…

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