The Importance Of Net Neutrality On The Internet

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“Since the World Wide Web was invented in 1989, it has remained free for public use” (Lee). This neutrality is due to the regulations put forth by the Federal Communications Commission. However, recently Internet Service Providers(ISPs) are objecting Net Neutrality and believe it is limiting their business interests. Net Neutrality is necessary as it allows for effective communication between buyers and sellers, it prevents excess charges to use the internet, and it prevents discrimination from Internet Service Providers.
Without Net Neutrality, there would be difficulty getting goods and services to consumers. Many companies have websites on the internet. They use these sites as a market for products. “Without Net Neutrality, startup companies
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All users of the internet will have to pay extra money to access certain content on the internet. On the other hand, some people believe that Net Neutrality restricts their business rights of Internet Service Provides and other electronic suppliers. “Less overall investment in internet networks negatively impacts small and medium-sized suppliers of internet software and hardware, and when that happens, entrepreneurs are hit particularly hard” (Paul). Net Neutrality limits ISP’s rights as a business to sell products freely. They are not allowed to restrict content to their advantage. Additionally, less investment in networks affects software and hardware suppliers. Electronics and Internet are complements and with restrictions on the internet, the demand for electronics will decrease. However, without Net Neutrality consumers would reframe from spending more money to access content, as the price has increased. This demand can in turn decrease profit for Internet Service Providers. Additionally, Net Neutrality works in favor of the consumer. "Without Net Neutrality, ISPs have the ability to charge for better access to certain content on the internet." (“Point: A Free and Open”). All people do not want to pay extra to access content that is free to access with Net Neutrality. Without the free internet, and people will have yet another fee to pay for. From a consumer’s viewpoint, Net Neutrality is good …show more content…
Discrimination can occur on the internet as well as in person. All citizens have freedom of speech. “Pity the local blogger who criticizes her ISP's crummy service -- the broadband gatekeeper would be free to slow or silence her” (Copps and Wozniak). Without Net Neutrality, ISP's have the permission to block any person or any content that is negative towards them. They may also establish ties with other companies to block competitor's websites. This is a form of discrimination and should be prevented for the freedom and rights of people. People should not be shunned for expressing their beliefs. Websites, as well as people, can be discriminated. Websites are building blocks for communication. “Internet service providers (ISPs such as Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T), companies could speed up or slow down the sites and services they prefer” (Copps and Wozniak). Blocking websites can be a form of discrimination against the owner and the people who view the site. Internet Service Providers have no right to violate the American people’s freedom of speech and without Net Neutrality, there could exist a conflict between the laws.
Overall, Net Neutrality is needed because it creates a market between buyers and sellers, it prevents taxes to use the internet, and it prevents discrimination from Internet Service Providers. Net Neutrality is needed to protect what is rightfully the people’s. The internet

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