Assess The Effect Of Neglect In Schools

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The academics in high school are neglected in many different ways, both by the teachers and the students. In almost any high school in the country, a student will know more about what happened in the big game last night rather than knowing what they did in class or what was on their homework. This is caused by the school putting a bigger emphasis on sports rather than education (Gardner 1). Additionally, the school’s budget is not evenly distributed amongst all of the schools sections. The majority of the budget either goes to sports or the marching band leaving less resources for the education department (Gardner 2). Another form of neglection comes from the students. Neglection happens in high schools all across the nation because most high school athletes fail because they do not go to class, they are only in school to play their sport and get noticed. In most cases this kind of behavior is not met with any punishment because intellectual activities still take a back seat to athletic contest (Gardner 2). The bottom line is that there is not enough support for the child …show more content…
One main effect is that most students think the only way that their parents will show them any kind of love or admiration is to play sports (Patkotak 1). Should children not think that getting an A or a good grade will bring them the same emotions from their parents? Well they do not (Patkotak 1). Which in turn, makes children forget about academics and only focus on sports. Well, now we get into the student not graduating because they did not meet the academic requirements to do so, and if they did, they did not receive the best education they could get because they were not focused enough. Now those students are going have a tough time getting into college and some of them will never get accepted. When they do get into college, it is going to be a long and bumpy road for them because they never received an adequate form of

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