The Importance Of Nature Park

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Taking long walks through a nature park is a well-known activity to find peace, quiet, and enjoy the unique beauty of the outdoors. People walk along man-made paths that wind through various sections of the park, and sometimes even explore off the beaten path. At Penn State, students typically explore the Arboretum, a large nature park, in order to separate themselves from the hectic, everyday life of a college student. Students have heavy loads of coursework that can be overwhelming and raise stress levels, and with forty-thousand students it can be challenging to find a place for self-reflection and purification. Open-air landscaping, infinite assortments of plants and flowers, and unique sculptures all provide college students with a separate atmosphere to rejuvenate. Exploring nature parks is of utmost importance for stressed college students in order to recollect their thoughts, …show more content…
Students at the Arboretum typically listen to music and drift off into stares over Happy Valley, hills in the background, and the sun’s rays glazing treetops. Through the actions and emotions of students at the park, it became evident that nature enabled them to hone their senses on the pureness of nature and relax from the stressors of artificial modern society. The life of a college student can very easily detach one’s humanity from the real, natural world, and students can become drones that sleep, eat, and study. Students that were asked why they explore the Arboretum responded with answers concerning studying and relaxing. It is important to be in a peaceful environment to study properly which is why nature is the perfect atmosphere; the tranquility also helps with relaxation and rebalancing the mind with its natural equilibrium. Observations provide real-world evidence of nature restoring a connection between one’s inner senses and the physical

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