The Importance Of Nature In Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening By Robert Frost

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Nature can be very enticing to the human condition, it reflects the qualities and features that comprise the foundation of human existence. Humans are prone to falling victim to nature’s temptation. For instance, we fall prey to the majestic beauty of a sunset, or the exquisite scenery at the Grand Canyon. In Robert Frost’s poem, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”, “Stopping by Woods” is a gratuitous action, a grace note, and imaginative possibility” (Ingebretsen 2). Nature can certainly be described as the “siren of the sea”, alluring the speaker to become corrupted by nature’s mysterious trait. Just as the siren lures ships to her rocky coast to bring about their untimely demise, nature captures mankind’s essence to potentially bring …show more content…
The speaker shows how difficult it is fulfilling these obligations, which lead to how long and hard the road ahead can become. Throughout the blissful journey into the dark woods, the speaker enters a state of solitude; as buildings and structures are nowhere in reach. However, the dark and isolated woods are not an ideal setting to commune with one’s thoughts. Perhaps he wishes to lose himself to isolation, as the woods represent many risks, opportunities, and danger. Lastly, Frost chooses to emphasize the final two lines as an example of the speaker’s responsibilities and promises he must accomplish. Towards the end of the poem, the author forces the speaker to reminiscence about the things he must do. Correspondingly, this could be an indication of the speaker falling asleep or dying from freezing to death in the woods. Frost references the “darkest evening”, describing it as “lovely, dark and deep”. This causes the woods to be a distraction and a sign that anyone could easily get lost. However, the speaker also could be stuck in his past when life was easier for him. This concept can symbolize melancholy, depression, as well as a downcast. This particular poem could serve as a purpose of various things. But, Frost uses the speaker’s self-doubt to affect him along with his horse thinking his owner is anomalous. Within the meaning of this poem, there are many values and explanations to why the narrator is committed to keep his

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