Nature In Old English Poetry

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Nature is a continuing theme in Old English that reflects and explains certain observations in everyday life. Nature is used as a way to validate faith in occurrences in the natural world that are seemingly only explainable by a higher power. The use of nature to explain certain feelings and actions strategically allows an acceptance of hardships in life. Many poems have been written using nature as a backbone of faith. Poems such as “The Story of Caedmon”, “The Dream of the Rood” and “The Wanderer” are examples of the relationship of nature and the Lord. Religion was a crucial part of life during the Old English period. The Lord himself was expressed through nature, and many natural occurrences. These expressions helped explain the way the world worked and how life is dependant on the will of the Lord. Almost anything in nature could be seen as a sign of God. The belief in God shaped morals and faith, while nature seemingly implemented God’s divine plan. Although a higher power is physically unattainable, people rationalized the way they saw the natural world to explain the hardships and to draw a connection to the Lord. As told by many …show more content…
It is said that God himself is the architect for everything in nature and has a specific reason for everything created. The relationship between God and nature is very closely linked as one dictates the other, meaning that God’s will is expressed through elements of the natural world. In order to connect faith to a more tangible thing, many began to rationalize occurrences in nature and how nature is, in the purest form, the will of God. The Old English faith was very strong and many devoted their lives to pleasing God. Through the act of songs and poems, many expressed their devotion. This trust in God called for putting all their faith in a larger picture and accepting that everything will turn out the way God intended, as everyone is a product of the will of

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