The Importance Of Natural Resources

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Since the Industrial Revolution, natural resources have been under increasing pressure. The significant changes in the amount of natural resources we have left have led to many issues, such as global public health and global development. Other areas affected include the loss of forest, water and air pollution, decrease in fresh water supply and degradation of soil. Today we are currently seeing dramatic increases in global population. As the world’s population continues to rise, natural resources will continue to dwindle as long as we remain the same. The one thing that I would say is the most challenging for humans is being able to advance in life, but still not destroy the environment. If you look at most developed countries, it is evident that they consume resources way more rapidly than developing countries. The problem with this is that all of these countries are consuming faster than they can produce. Places like Africa and Asia are experiencing population momentum. These areas have a tendency for population growth that continues to grow because of the high concentration of people having kids. Better living conditions are definitely
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In order to meet these practices, many regulations will have to be set. However, it is important first to get all governments on one accord. These regulations for better development would require a combination of effective natural resource management, cleaner agricultural and industrial technologies, and less pollution. The world’s population is projected to continue expanding, but there are many ways we can make it a better living for the future. I’m sure we can find new technologies and innovations to make the Earth more livable. Right now we are consuming a great amount of resources and producing a ton of waste. Finding a way to decrease overconsumption is indeed needed to help maintain our living

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