The Importance Of Names In The Bible

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Some people’s names today are, frankly, astounding. For starters, men’s and women’s names are losing their masculinity and femininity. “Hi. My name’s John. How’ ya doin’?” “Oh, Hello. My name’s Jozzme.” “I’m sorry. I didn’t catch that.” “Jozzme.” “That’s what I thought you said.” Names increasingly sound like people named their kids from the ingredients on the side of a cereal box. “Heyyyy. This is my friend, Reyzin.” “Umm, nice to eat y__ ...I mean, meet you.” Excuse the levity (figured this book could use a little), but seriously, I’m not exaggerating. Frankly, it’s sad.
Fact is, not only do names have meaning, but in many circumstances, the meaning of those names also ends up corresponding to what will become the person’s personality —
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Most Christians know this, but I do not think most are aware just how much this is stressed throughout the Bible. God’s anger was sometimes kindled against Israel to destroy them because of their wickedness, but it was for the glory and zeal of His name, that He refrained from so doing. God made promises to Abraham, and since He could swear by none higher, He swore by Himself (Hebrews 6:13). God’s name was (is) so Holy that the Jews did not dare speak it. God commanded not to take His name in vain. I do not even prefer people to tell me “God bless you.” after I sneeze, because nine out of ten times, they are simply using God’s name in vain, by using it in an empty ritual. (Typically, they are not speaking a blessing over me.) A search for phrases, “for the sake of your Name” in the Bible will yield no shortage of verses extolling the majesty of God’s name. Here is a sampling: 1 Samuel 12:22; Psalm 23:3; 25:1; 31:3; 79:9; 143:11; Isaiah 48:9, 11; Ezekiel 20: 9,14,22,44; 36:22; Jerimiah 14:7, 21 Matthew 10:22; 19:29; 24:9; Acts 9:16; Romans 1:5; 1 John 2:12; 3 John 1:7; Revelation 1:7. Phrases as, “the name of the Lord”, “the glory of your name”, “the zeal of your name”, and “praise the name”, etc. are also common phrases throughout …show more content…
(The above New Testament references refer to Christ.) His name is holy. At the name of Jesus Christ, every knee shall bow (Philippians 2:10). In Judges 13:18, the Angel of the Lord — a theophany or preincarnate appearance of Christ — is asked His name. His response, “Why do you ask my name for it is Wonderful.” This is a lovely verse. Christ is also called Wonderful in Isaiah 9:6. Every aspect of God’s name in the Old Testament, is equally stated with the same degree of weight, glory, and holiness, of the name, Jesus Christ, for He is Jehovah God. Whatever glory is due the Father, is due the

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