The Myth Of Technology

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“There is no social-change fairy. There is only change made by the hands of individuals” (Winona LaDuke). Changing the world is a process that requires time and dedication by many people. Individuals believe that they have no power over the course of the future without realizing that the cumulative actions of individuals lead to great impacts on society. The myth of technology has made it easier to spread negative information around the world and has changed how human beings communicate; however, it also serves as a tool that allows people to help others around when used responsibly. The myth of the melting pot is too optimistic due to the fact that some races are still perceived as inferior which causes them to assimilate to the dominant
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Although technology is a great tool, technological platforms have made it easier for society to be divided by only portraying the information that characterizes certain people. This leads to a further division where people cannot tolerate information that contradicts their beliefs. Penny states in “Cybersexism” that the “Internet recreates offline prejudices and changes them, twists them, makes them voyeuristic, and anonymity and physical distance makes it easier for some individuals to treat other people as less than human…” (263). The Internet has made it easier for people to spread false or misinterpreted frames about others without having to reflect upon the effects they have on society as a whole. People have misused the power of technology to spread hate and misinformation around the world. Donald Trump knew the power of social media and used it to spread his beliefs even if they were untrue. He specifically spread misinformation of Mexicans and Muslims which caused people to perceive them as a threat to the country. Consequently, people who agreed with these thoughts reinforced these prejudices and spread these misconceptions around the world. Therefore, the myth of technology makes these injustices more dangerous due to the number of people who have access to misinformation. Instead of society focusing on the next …show more content…
Sending a positive message to people who feel unworthy is important. Minorities have to “battle against internalized racism, a condition that can cause an individual to assume self-deprecating attitudes and engage in self-destructive behaviors that reflect the traumatizing effects of racial targeting” (Holtzman 606). Helping people realize their self-worth will cause them to be unafraid of becoming leaders or activists who have the potential of transforming communities for others. Offering minorities the tools such as support groups is important. As a result, groups from different racial backgrounds will be able to unite to discuss their unique beliefs and embrace diverse thoughts. Individuals will then realize that they have the ability to fight for their rights. In some cases, minority groups see each other as different, but through constant interaction, they will realize that they have similar

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