Essay on The Importance Of Myself As The Counselor

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Myself as the counselor Performing a short therapy session with a classmate was not only extremely beneficial to my learning experience, but it was also an eye opening experience to perform and evaluate myself as an actual counselor. At first, I thought the process was going to be extremely uncomfortable and weird such as “pretending” to be a professional counselor or acting out a fake therapy session with a classmate. However, to my surprise the process became extremely natural, as in nothing seemed forced or weird. In fact the conversation seemed to flow, as we never ran out of topics, or had to stop and laugh. Nonetheless while watching and analyzing my video I also notice multiple flaws and strengths in which I can improve on and or encompass in my future mental health counseling practice. One major aspect I noticed right away in evaluating myself as the counselor was my body posture. In the beginning of the session I tended to lean towards the client with my legs crossed and my hands either on my knees or folded together in my palm. However as the session progressed I relaxed more into the chair by fully leaning back and resting my elbows on either side of the chair. At first, I did not really consider much of my body language and how it could effect my client and therapy sessions, but by watching my tape I’ve noticed as I relaxed more into the chair my client seemed to relax more, such as she stopped fidgeting with her hands, and her hair. Through this…

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