My Mother Is Important To Me

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Over my lifetime, there have been many people that have shaped my values as well as ethical principles. As I am growing older, I am holding on to some of the same values, while also creating ones true to myself. I have always seemed to want to do the right thing for everyone involved in most situations since I was a child; my family was a big part of this assessment. Yet, I am still not finished finding myself. Therefore, some of my values may be adjusted overtime. As a future social worker, I desire to gain more professional values and ethical competence. One of the most influential people in my life is my mother. In many ways, she has taught me so much about life. While being a great importance to her, she taught me integrity. My mother …show more content…
No matter what happens, family will always be a part of my life. I also value my relationships with friends, classmates, and many more people in my life. One of my best friends is someone who I have known for ten years. Over the years, I have begun to realize my value for relationships has grown stronger. I have been hurt by people many times, which has influenced me to be a better person and taught me to be a better friend to others. I also value professional relationships I have made. Over the years, coworkers and supervisors have taught me valuable life skills, but most importantly, work ethic. I believe who I am today is because of the many people that are a part of my life; and I desire to continue strengthening my relationships.
Education has always been a top priority to me. I definitely value education. I spend a great deal and energy on school work. My brother was valedictorian in high school, and now has a doctoral degree. I do not feel that I need to be like my brother, but he sure does motivate me to remain focused and finish school. There was never a doubt I would not go to college. From the moment I was in school, I have valued being educated in order to succeed. I desire to learn more knowledge to help me build as a professional and a
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I am becoming more passionate about social issues and I want society to make efforts to change some things. It may not have been until I took American Government in college when I fully believed I belonged to a specific political party. My parents were not very political. My mother would prefer not to talk about those issues, but my father was more than happy to voice his opinion. I was not really influenced by my parents to believe a certain way; I knew I disagreed with my father’s views, but I did not understand why until I had some specific college classes.
My introduction to Social Work class at East Tennessee State University focused on both sides of political parties dealing with social issues. As well as American Government, I was starting to see what I valued so important in society, along with my life, and how my attitude towards politics became stronger. It is important for social workers to advocate for social change. Voices of a diverse range of people need to be

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