Essay About Moving School

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I moved many times during my childhood and into my teenage years. I sometimes liked when we moved because it was excited to see what we could discover in our new community, but it could also be heart breaking at other times. For me growing up and sometimes returning to a community or area the best way I could remember who was who was by finding out what school I knew them from. Many times I would receive an odd look when I would ask this type of question. For this reason I decided to write my school influences by my grade and location. It took some time to figure it all out, many wonderful memories surfaced during this time though. I originally thought I hadn’t attended preschool, but my mother attest differently. She says we lived in Minnesota during this time. We moved not long after I finish preschool to Hemet in California due to my health and needing to be in a dryer climate. I also attended kindergarten there, but was unable to finish the full year in school. I required too much medication and the school was unable to have me there. I finished the last few months in home …show more content…
In this school I began to learn how to write cursive, basic computer skills and typing. When I look back on this it seems to me that this is early to learn these things, maybe not though. I had many friends in school and got along with my teacher very well. My only complaint was that I didn’t like to show her my cursive because I thought it wasn’t very good, and I would forget how some of the letter would go. During the middle of my third year I had to leave my school and friends again. Next, we moved to Oklahoma. This school didn’t have much of an influence as far as I can remember, although I’m sure it did have some influence even if I can’t remember it. History repeats itself and we moved to Buttermilk Acres, which is between Ridgecrest and Inyokern, after this school year

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