Personal Narrative: My First Pregnancy

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Walking out of the OB/GYN clinic, my head was swarming with questions. The doctor just recommended I terminate my pregnancy because I was at risk of uterine rupture. At 33 years old, I was pregnant for the third time. Making difficult decisions was not foreign to me. My first pregnancy was a long, difficult one, and here I was faced with another one. My children have even a greater significance to my life because of my journey to have them.
During my first pregnancy with my son I was placed on bed rest at 18 weeks. The doctor was concerned my cervix was thinning out too quickly, putting me at risk of early labor. This was due to a surgical procedure I had in my early twenties. At that time, the doctor who performed the surgery did advise me that I might have difficulty carrying a child full term. Just as the doctor warned, at 34 weeks I went into pre-term labor.
I was hospitalized for a week to stop my labor. To say that it was a rough time was an understatement. They had me on medication that made me feel like I was sitting under the burning rays of the sun. Once I was stable enough, the hospital discharged me. A short two weeks later, I awoke to a dribble coming down my leg. My first thought was that I wet the bed. How embarrassing. I rushed to the bathroom and pushed to urinate, and my water bag broke. There was no stopping mother nature
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It was 2011 and I was unable to get pregnant since I miscarried. Although the reality was disappointing, I was grateful for the opportunity to experience motherhood with my son. One day my co-worker asked me “You look like you’re glowing, are you pregnant?” Her words echoed in my ears all day. That night I took a pregnancy test and found out that indeed I was. This time, my husband and I decided not to share the news so early in the pregnancy. I was nervous for my first OB appointment. My new obstetrician said everything looked perfect with the

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