Essay about The Importance Of My Personal And Professional Identity

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Reflecting back on the course of Interventions II, the coursework and in-residence portion had given me a better insight in learning how to define my personal and professional identity. The implementation of a “mock” clinical therapy sessions during the in-residence portion had been a challenge in the beginning due to the lack of having any type of background in conducting a therapy session. These therapy sessions provided the needed feedback from the instructor and my peers to gain a better understanding my theoretical orientations and areas in which I can work on to become a more competent therapist. The coursework that was provided through this course also assisted in having a better knowledge base for my future practice based on empirically founded studies and evidence-based practices by other therapists. The articles provided throughout this course covered specific theories such as psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, interpersonal, cognitive, experimental, and humanistic as well as the treatment approaches that were associated with a focus diagnosis (Laureate Education, Inc, 2013).
During the in-residence portion of this course consisted of the integrated knowledge from the given coursework implemented with our own therapeutic techniques to experience a “mock” therapy setting. With assistance from the instructor of this course, I had experienced what a therapeutic session would be like and to learn to develop my personal skills as a therapist. The “clients” in the therapy…

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