Essay On Personal Narrative: My Time In High School

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Through my time in high school i discover that the more I get involve in several activities, the more passions I would find. This started in sophomore year, when I joined Junior Achievement, a program that motivates students to explore the challenge that creating a company represents. I was amazed by the possibilities and totally enjoyed that specific experience. Later at the beginning of junior year I joined Students Run LA, a program that prepares students to run the LA marathon. I prepared myself for the event by running five times a week for seven months with my team. The day arrived and I was more than excited to start the last race of the year with my group, the marathon. When i was in the starting line i made a promise that i would not …show more content…
During my second semester of junior year I decided to push for more challenging courses. i knew that my classmates are competitive for such courses and ask the school authorities to try more AP courses. With this vision in mind and the support from several of my friends, I decided to run for school president. I won the election with the promise of providing more opportunities to those asking for them. The coming school year will provide more AP courses and programs thanks to the efforts of several students and teachers. I do not take the responsibility for this change, I was the hand that planted the seed, but my class and teachers water it and made it …show more content…
I was awarded a Ignite fellowship and won a place in an expedition to Utah. For two weeks, eleven students from all over LA and I did scientific research with scientist in the field. We hiked around five miles each day in areas restricted to the public and with total exposure to the environment. All the sacrifices were well pay back by the unique experience of holding a Flammulated Owl mother and her babies. Is thanks to this experience that I consider volunteering for scientific research in the future and even consider a branch of science as a possible career. All these activities do not just fill two hours of my afternoon or the spaces in an application. They are experiences and programs that im committed to put effort and dedication to. I 'm not there for what i can take out of the group or institution, but to provide a service, to help make a change or to prove myself I can do more than what i imagine. today I 'm a better human being than the one that entered high school not because i do more but because i learned more and discover my passion to help make a change in my community, my city and the

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