The Importance Of My Life

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When I was younger I remember thinking that life was unfair and I didn 't understand why things had happened the way they did but now that i 'm older I understand things a little more. Through a chids eyes life still seems so unfair but I believe that going through hard times only makes a person stronger and I guess that 's why I am the person I am today. I 've been through alot of hard times and I wish I would have known back then that things will get better as time went on. A lot of things in this world may be unfair but how do you explain why things are so unfair and cruel to a three year old? No one could have explained to me when I was younger why my parents got a divorce I hated my mom for kicking my dad out and I hated my dad for …show more content…
Coming to this small town I was scared and tired of making new friends just to lose them again so I was close off again but after a few month I had turned back into that social butterfly I once was. We stayed in this town for three years making it the longest place I have stayed in. Although I did enjoy living in this small town and spending time with my new friends I had another problem to deal with. I was being servely bullied because of my weight. This event truly affected me as a kid. I become self consious and inverted. I no longer wanted to go to school or spend time with my friends. Even though I told my teachers, principle, and my mom that I was being bullied nothing was ever done about it until my mom decided to pull me out of school and enroll me in online schooling. I was happy about being home schooled at first. I no longer had to deal with being bullied. I didn 't have to get up early and walk to school. It was any kids dream really but I soon started missing seeing my friends at school. I soon got used to it and saw my friends when I could after school until my mom decided it was time to move again. I was heartbroken about the move I knew I was going to lose contact with my friends and I truly did not want to …show more content…
I was surronded by people who constantly showed me love and cared about me. My self esteem that had been damage by the bullying started raising again because of my step mom telling me how beautiful I was inside and out. Living the life I have i 've learned how to appreciate so much more. I 've learned how to be brave and smart. I 've learned that being perfect isn 't everything but being yourself is truly special. Sometimes I wish I could go back and change what has happened in my life but I don 't think I would be the strong independent person I am today. I 've learned so much because of the hard times in my life and i 'm still learning so much everyday. My step mom is constantly supporting me and teaching me how to be a good person. My dad is constantly teaching me how to love someone with all of your heart like he does with my step mom and me. All of these things I have struggled through and learned have made me who I am today and I am grateful for that. I now live with my dad and I am able to be a normal seventeen year old. I no longer have to worry about the power getting shut off or what I am going to eat today. I no longer have to raise my younger sister because my mom was too busy. I can now focus on school and decided which college I want to and to be honest that is a relief compared to what I had to deal with growing

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