The Importance Of My Life

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It was the year of 2007 when my mom was graduating from the California State University of Los Angeles, overcoming all obstacles. I remember the look in my mom’s eyes, full of happiness and excitement! That day I was picked up early from school. My grandmother, who is like my second mom, was rushing my entire family to prepare us for the graduation. We arrived to the campus where my mom was receiving her master’s degree in social work. I remember that the ceremony dragged. I was anxious to see my mom’s face appear in the screen as I cheered her name “Mireya Segura!” I was grateful for her, although also discouraged by my father who could not attend due to his drug abuse, this impeded him from involving himself in events that were important …show more content…
She became overwhelmed and depressed with helping my dad recover and trying to lift her marriage. She felt that all her accomplishment weren 't valid, but knew that nothing else mattered but making sure that my sister and I were safe. Her earnings were not enough to pay bills and debts, therefore she made the decision to divorce my dad and continue to pursue her education for the betterment of my family. I could remember the pain I felt because I knew my dad was not well and he was no longer going to be that man, father, and brother who we all looked up too. It made it more difficult as his daughter to know that I no longer had a father who I could talk too and ask for …show more content…
She manage to take care of me and my sister when thing had not been going well with my parents. I remember going to her and asking why did this had to happen to us and why did I have to suffer. She made me feel save all the time. I knew that without my father around in my life I was able to count on my grandmother for support and advice. It made it less hurtful to know that I was not alone and I had someone with me. She became a mother to me since my mom was always working and going to school. Now that I am older I appreciate the loving, support, and most of all her energy that she put to make us the person who we are

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