The Importance Of My Life

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Register to read the introduction… That flight had changed me to a better person with a magnificent future. Living in the U.S, I was almost lost my motivation because of people I used to hang out with. However, I took advantage to keep myself focused on the positive changed and committed to my goals. I learned that, immigrated to U.S, had give me a new life and showed me a new world as well. I managed myself to live in a positive and always remembered of who I was and where I came from. Today I had been seeing a significant changed in myself from time to time. I will show the world that the changed of my life helped me to become a successful person in the future. A great opportunity to reside and studying in a high education country had taught me to become a person to take a benefit occasion to achieve my dreams and goals. If it were not from that first flight of my life, I would never see myself as I am today. I keep on my persistence no matter how obstinate situations I had faced and keep concentrate on the positive changed of my life. It also gave me strength and motivates myself to achieve my goals every time I think of myself as an

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