FBI Agent Job

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While Ed told me the FBI provides enough finances and/or time to enjoy hobbies, family, vacations, your free time can be minimal. As an FBI agent, you are on call (24) hours a day (365) days a year ("Interview with Ed Buckley."). Most people in the FBI are the type that the only thing they love in life is their job, their job is everything to them. You don’t get a lot of time to hang with family and friends whenever you please. It would be especially hard to have a family while being in the FBI. When thinking about raising a family you think of the memories you’ll make with your children, going to their sporting events, and/or performances, but when you’re an FBI agent, you will often miss those things. Since I was a little girl I have dreamed …show more content…
I realize people don’t want to die doing their job, but for me if I die helping people and saving people’s lives then that would be a great accomplishment in my eyes. An FBI Agent investigates spies, terrorists hackers, pedophiles, mobsters, gang leaders and serial killers ("How to Become an FBI Agent."). This job involves criminals in their most violent state. No criminal wants to go to prison, so they will try to do everything in their power to get away. You have to have skills to be able to handle the situations you could get into with these criminals. Working at the crime and accident scenes can be stressful seeing the death and suffering there. You don’t have to be physically injured to be insured from this career. This job can put an emotional strain on your body which is very unhealthy ("Detectives and Agents."). Your health is a huge part of the FBI. If you’re not healthy then you can not perform your duties and can not be an agent. You have to stay fit for the work you have to do. FBI agent are highly skilled and is both physically and mentally demanding ("Detectives and Agents."). There is times where you could have to run after suspects, defend yourself, or lift heavier things to get to the target ("Detectives and Agents."). You are on the move at all time so you have to be in shape and

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