My Life Experiences And Characteristics Of UWL University

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I believe that my life experiences, commitments, and characteristics will enrich the UWL campus greatly. I haven't been through many life experiences, but the ones that I have gone through have taught me a lot, and shaped who I am today. I feel my commitments will have me prepared for life at UWL which will go right along with the hard working culture there. Lastly I feel that my set of characteristics will fit right in with the rest of the student body. To start I feel that my life experiences will help enrich the campus. I have done many different events thanks to my parents. I have been camping at many different State and National Parks. I have hiked, whitewater rafted, downhill skied, cross country skied, visited many states, and plenty more in my life. These have shaped who I am today. I have also experienced many hardships. I have had two major surgeries already. The first was on my 16th birthday I had a major back surgery. I had a benign tumor removed and had a spine correction. I also will live with one plate, two rods, and four screws in my spine for the rest of my life. This made me …show more content…
I feel that I am someone who can put themselves in other people's shoes and feel what they are feeling greatly. I am a very positive and loving person. I greatly believe in looking for the good in every situation and every person. I want everyone to feel as if they are equal with everyone, and that they should never be put down because they are so called “different”. Aside from those I am a very social person, and I feel that I will be able to come to UWL and have an impact on others, and try to make them as happy as I am. All in all I feel that my commitments, experiences, and characteristics will all help to enrich the UWL campus and community. I believe that I will fit in right away with the type of school UWL is, and that I could make a positive impact fast If giving the

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