Narrative: My Experiences In My Academics And Extra Curricular Activities

Throughout my learning career the experiences I’ve had in my academics and extra-curricular activities

helped me develop certain characteristics that will aid in achieving my lifetime goals. Academically I have

taken the most rigorous classes my school offered which were the Pre-AP/AP classes all four years of my high

school career. These classes I feel will give me the skillset to achieve more in college and in life because these

classes strive to teach work ethic and require time management. Extra- curricular activities I am involved with

include the Marine Corps Junior Recruit Officer Training Corps (MCJROTC) and my student internship at the

main admin building of my school district. These activities taught valuable skills that
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Once classes finished I would help clean up and make preparations for the next day of PD.

During the chaos of my job, I reinforced valuable skills of organization and people skills because the job

required that I possess the skills to carry out the task at hand. My overall goals can be achieved using these

skills. During the ROTC I learned fundamental leadership skills that carry over into everyday life.

The ROTC program offers a military based organization where retired military personnel become active

duty and guide the program by teaching cadets military values and discipline which can carry over in civilian

life. In the three years I completed the program I worked my way up through the ranks to a sergeant leading a

squad of seven cadets. My responsibilities included teaching them the basic Marine Corps knowledge and

instilling discipline into them. I am also required to lead them the best I could and to prepare them for the yearly

battalion competition which tests everything we’ve covered in the year. The program turned the majority of the

responsibility and leadership onto the cadets and the instructor’s only job’s to facilitate the program and
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We went second and successfully completed the drill movements almost without flaw. The pressure

got the better of my squad and we won the best squad in our company.

The ROTC program prepared me with skills to interact with my peers and I strengthened my leadership

ability in this program by holding the position of sergeant. The position has given me insight on what it’s like a

leader of a group of people and can aid me in my lifetime goals.

The Pre-AP and AP courses I have taken in high school were challenging and rigorous and really tested

my time management and taught me to prioritize my assignments to complete them on time. Although

throughout my first three years in high school I didn’t put forth one hundred percent effort in my school work,

and my grades reflected that, I learned that procrastinating and falling behind in anything will be challenging to

make up and that it isn’t worth the extra hour of extra-curricular activity over school work, or anything

important, because it makes it that more difficult to keep up or get ahead. I now take the experience of

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