The Importance Of My Health And How It Affect My Daily Activities

1128 Words May 9th, 2016 5 Pages
Over the course of the semester I was able to understand the importance of my health and how it could affect my daily activities. In order to use the criteria from this semester and apply it to my personal life choices, I had to evaluate myself. In doing so, I created a report card giving myself a grade on the following categories: my diet, amount of sleep, stress management, and the amount of exercise in the past year. Over the past week I recorded my diet without regulation. I soon gave myself a D+ after the third day. I soon learned that I keep a very low nutrition diet, which mostly consists of sodium, sugar, and tons of bread. Also, my day to day meals were very repetitive. The morning consisted of cookies or chips as I would rush out the door, then for lunch I would have a hot pocket with chips and a banana. And finally some type of fast food for dinner after a softball game. Taking in mind that I will not have time nor money, I do not believe I have much hope to improve my diet until after college. I then gave myself a D- in stress management. I am overloaded with school and rushed to meet demands of my family, school, softball, and the personal taxi. I am constantly doing things for other people and not enough time to relax and be a teenager. When this is the time to do so! The amount of stress I am put under on the daily basis is changing my personality from “putting in my full effort in everything” to “just get it done because I have to”. The stress is most…

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