The Importance Of My Future Teacher

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Throughout my educational career, I observed and learned different techniques from my teachers that will influence my future classroom. These influential teachers impacted my educational career allowing me to become a more confident student as well as a future educator. These teachers critiqued, assisted, and encouraged me to reach my highest potential and my ultimate goal, becoming a teacher. As a previous elementary school student, I did not realize how much my teachers would have impacted my life until my senior year in high school in my teacher cadet course. I realized how much my teachers have impacted my growth in learning as well as who I have become. In elementary school, my fourth grade teacher, Mr. Morgan impacted my education by partaking in a variation of techniques, including hands on …show more content…
In elementary school, Mr. Morgan involved all his students, which allowed me to acknowledge equality in the classroom. For example, Mr. Morgan created a poetry night where each of his students chose someone that impacted their life and write a poem about them. Each student was then able to present this poem to this person at the tea. Sharing my work allowed me to feel “seen” because not only did classmates witness my work, but also the most important woman in my life, my mother. In middle school, Ms. Scarborough, would announce when students have received extraordinary grades on exams, which encouraged me to continue doing well so I was acknowledged for my hard work. In college, Mr. Crippen, always made me feel “seen” by calling on me and praising my hard work. For example, Mr. Crippen pulled me aside praising a project we turned in and asked if he could keep it. Mr. Crippen’s encouragement determined me to surpass his expectations. During my academic career, it seems that those teachers who noticed and motivated me have made the biggest impact influenced my way of

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