Lisa Temple Interview

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There is almost nothing that makes my job easier as an interviewer than asking questions of an actor who is confident in his/her abilities and is able to present himself/herself as a well-rounded, talented, fascinating human being. In Lisa Temple 's case, that is exactly what she did with the questions she recently agreed to answer. She offered fresh insight into her early passions, her notable works, and her upbeat outlook on the industry as a whole.

One of my favorite headshots!
One of my favorite headshots!
What inspired you to become an actress?

When I was young, I stayed up late with my dad and watched The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Johnny would interview all these famous actors, and I was always fascinated with who they were as people: what kind of clothes
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I’m always attracted to family dramas, since mother roles are in my wheelhouse. I always jump at the chance to play a mom!

As a woman in the industry, have you experienced gender bias? Please elaborate.

The way gender bias shows up for me is in the number of male roles vs. female roles being cast. A general statistic is that the average project has eighty percent male roles and only twenty percent female roles. And, of course, of those female roles, most will be young women. That leaves us middle-aged ladies operating with a bit of a handicap.
But I don’t focus on that because ultimately, I believe that there are enough roles out there for any actor who’s willing to do the work required to succeed: be patient, be persistent, be prepared even at a moment’s notice, and most importantly, be grateful for every audition, callback and booking you get.

Happily lugging my wardrobe as I’m about to enter the theatre for a show. Loving the #ActorsLife!
Happily lugging my wardrobe as I’m about to enter the theatre for a show. Loving the

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