The Importance Of My Father In My Life

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My life was close to perfect when I was 10 years old. I had both my mom and my dad in my life, as well as my little sister. My family on my mom 's side and my dad 's side have been pastors for generations. My dad following his dream became the associate pastor of a church under my grandpa, my mom 's dad. My mom was a 2nd grade teacher at a christian school in which I attended preschool through 3rd grade. It is safe to say we were financially blessed. my dad owned at the time a brand new Chevy truck and my mom a FJ cruiser. we owned a lot of toys such as dirt bikes and a Polaris razor. We owned a toy hauler in which we took all the toys out to the dessert for the weekend, this was my absolutely favorite thing to do in the entire world.
My life
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I notice people start being awkward around me. I knew something was wrong. Sure enough one night my dad called me into his room and sat me down. He said “We are leaving the church Cole” my heart sank and I was speechless “we love your grandpa and grandma very much but it 's time to go”. I was devastated this church is all I ever knew. I asked “what do we do know”? my dad answered “well we are leaving grandpa 's church in 1 week and I 'm not sure whats going to happen but I trust god and his plan for us”. I cried myself to sleep that night. Wednesday the next week was my last meeting at royal rangers for the rest of my life. I spent it with my best friend Zach. We had a spot behind the chairs that we always hung out in. We called it our secret hideout where no one could see us. Zach and I met there and we just cried uncontrollably together. We both knew we weren 't going to see each other anymore. The next Sunday my grandpa announced that my family was leaving after he preached. That was my last Sunday at the church I was raised in, My dad later told me that he was actually fired. He said grandpa fired him over a dispute on religious viewpoints. I had never felt so betrayed. My family slowly fell to pieces. My relationship with my grandparents who I love so much and spent so much time with is now gone. My family has now lost our main source of income and on top of that my mom had to quit her job because her boss abused her. This was an all time low for me and my family. We had to sell everything including the cars and all the toys. We had to have a car so my dad got an old stick shift Saturn for very cheap and we had to drive that around. By god and only god did my family and I survive that time in our life. I remember one time not having enough money to pay the bills. We needed something like $450 and so we just prayed. The next day one of our neighbors felt like he needed to give us exactly $450, and we got by like

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