The Importance Of My Father Drive

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As a kid I was always tempted and amazed, I believed it took an extremely responsible person to finish the task my father would accomplish every year.

Looking very easy and enjoyable for my dad to drive to our destination, our yearly family trip wasn’t just around the corner it was hundreds and hundreds of never ending miles away. It took us about twenty hours every time. Twenty hours of sitting in the same spot did not go very fast for the ones around especially when being anxious to arrive to your destination and see your family eagerly waiting for you to arrive. It seemed like I was the only one who felt excited from the moment my father would start the engine, enjoying seeing the things I didn’t see every day, statues caught my attention
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There were no emotions to the trip, I had waiting a whole year for. I spent about twelve horrible hours driving. From the moment I placed my foot on that pedal I felt as if I had what it took to be a fully responsible grown man, my heart pounded of excitement but not for very long. As a kid it was my dream to help my father drive and after many years it was my first time driving on the long distanced yearly trip to Mexico. My father began by giving me tips such as holding the steering wheel tightly at all times, I had my family’s life in my hands. Once in a while I would remove one of my hands noticing they were red swollen and I had marks on my hands, as if I had been lifting heavy weights with no protection caused by the steering wheel, it wasn’t very fun. I felt as if I was missing out on everything I wanted to view as the explorer I once was as a kid, hours and hours of staring straight into the evil eyes of the same road I had stared at since the beginning of the trip. It was a horrible feeling at all times I was feeling as if I was not advancing anywhere and I was stuck in the same spot. Stepping on the pedal reaching close to one hundred miles per hour, I was on rollercoaster causing my resting father to awake from his uncomfortable naps. Driving during the sun slept and the moon woke up was not the same anymore, seeing every single one of my family members resting comfortably with no worries caused …show more content…
Memories flying through my head from past events that had occurred, I was only a few miles away from my destination. My father waking up full of excitement never will I forget that smile on his face just like mine as a kid when it seemed unbelievable our destination had come; my father was finally going to see his parents once again. Long lasting hugs and endless welcoming conversations from all uncles and aunts, my family was united once again, but I did not care all I wanted was bedroom and to be alone, it began to make sense to me the reason why my father seemed to not care for his family at the moment we arrived every

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