The Importance Of My Family

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It was a couple of days before Valentines and I was very sure my dad had a big surprise for mom. She was starting to get excited and anxious to know of her gift. As always my mom took me, my sister, and my brother out for ice cream as we did every Friday afternoon. We were always excited for Fridays so we could get ice cream and go to the park. My mom always made it her business to make time for us. This is one memory that I could always look back on. I was only nine years old with so much of life ahead of me. I was the oldest of three and I played my big sister role well. Even though my sister tended to cry a lot and my brother was annoying. I really cherished being the oldest. I tended to them as if they were my own. I knew my mom was sometimes tired and needed a little rest. On top of all of this my dad was never home to help with anything. I knew the role I played would come in handy one day, but not as soon as it did. My parents appeared to be happy together. We all seemed as one big happy family. Inside the privacy of our home, my parents frequently argued. These arguments would sometimes turn physical where I would step in and beg them to stop. I was young and I wasn’t sure what all the chaos was about. My mom had been crying a lot lately, and dad had been staying out late. I noticed a …show more content…
I just felt something was going to go wrong. My dad hadn’t come home that night and mom was really worried. It was now Valentine’s Day and my dad was still nowhere to be found. My mom thought that he would consider being home with her being that it was valentines. Later that evening my dad finally came home. While me, my sister, and my brother sat in the room watching television I heard my parents arguing. I closed the room door so that my brother and sister wouldn’t hear. After I realized the argument had gotten physical I ran in to tell them to stop as usual. They continued to argue as my dad goes

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