Personal Narrative: My Pap's Death Changed My Life

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Death is a part of life; we all have to experience it at some point in our life. Sometimes death tragically surprises a family unexpectedly, so they have to figure out how to get through it and move on. Sometimes a death in the family teaches us how to improve our life, and what we can do to try to change the world. Two years ago, my incredible pap Arnold passed away from cancer. My pap 's death changed my life forever because I learned several things, such as my mom is incredible, my phone will always be with me, spreading the word about low-quality Pennsylvania hospitals and raising awareness for cancer is important to me, my family comes first, and how to deal with the loss.
First, I learned that my mom is a strong, incredible lady. My mom
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People are getting diagnosed with a disease they don’t have, then in a few years they find out that there dying from cancer. I hope I can write about what I saw going on in the hospital that day, so I can let people know the truth. My mom and I drove to the hospital, walked in, and went to where my pap was at in the ER. A little while later, a doctor came in and said, “Is it okay if I say the news in front of them.” My pap said, “Yes, it’s fine.” The doctor had no bedside manners; she was rude and had no heart. I want to let the community know that people don’t deserve to find out that they have cancer by a rude doctor who could care a less if you live or die. Next, she proceeded to tell us that my pap has a large mass on his lung. She bluntly told him, “You can go home and call hospice or you can stay here and we can get the fluid off your lungs.” It felt like someone punched me in the stomach when I heard the doctor say that my pap has a large mass on his lung. My mom, my grandma, and I stood there in shock just trying to process the news. My pap bravely said, “Nope, I’m done. Just take me home.” Rudely, the doctor said,” If you go home your wife and family are going to have to take care of you.” What was he supposed to do? My pap was dying; he wanted to go home. There was no compassion for my pap and my family; it was disgusting. My pap has been through a lot over the years, heart surgery, and doctor’s appointments three times a week, every week, I don’t blame him for wanting to go home. There should have been counselors at the room trying to help my grandma and pap understand what they were told. After we got the news, my mom and I walked out of the hospital so we could get some fresh air, give my grandma and pap some time alone, and so we could tell my sister. My mom called my Uncle Johnny and told him the news. My

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