The Importance Of My Experience In My Life

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Describe and event or an experience in my life that has influenced my academic work and goal at Colorado Christian University; it would take more than one to two pages, but I will give the short version. I call one Philip Ray and the other Aaron Jacob, they are the reason and my influence on and my goal for graduating from Colorado Christian University. I am blessed with the most precious gifts that God can give and that is my two sons.
I was nineteen when I was married and pregnant with my first son Philip Ray. What in the world did I know at the age of nineteen? Nothing, I knew nothing! I was very lost. God was not at the center of my life at this time; I had made some very bad choices in life.I was a wife and mother trying to go to school,
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So, I dropped out of school and put it on hold. Then, I got pregnant with number two. This was a much harder pregnancy than with Philip Ray. I almost lost him three different times. The doctors put me on complete bed rest at 22 weeks. Here I was twenty years old, newly married and I had a five month old baby boy; I could not be even hold Philip Ray. Every day I had to get him dressed and send him to the baby sitters because I could not lift him up or even be on my feet for 15 minutes at a time. Times were hard and stressful in my house.
Divorce that is what came next. Now being a single mom of two boys, and having to work a full time job; there was no way that I could go back to school. Cancer that is what came after the divorce. I was still lost, God was not in the center of my life still. But, that was not for long. Being twenty two years old, divorced and with two boys and now cancer; I needed Him the most. I prayed and prayed. I woke one morning and without a doubt I packed my car and my
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Travis has been by myside through all the rough and dark times of marrying into a ready made family. The boys and I are really blessed to have such a strong Christian father and husband in our lives.
I tried to finish college throughout being single and dealing with cancer, but it was not in
Gods time for me to finish. Then, one day K Love was playing and I heard about the scholarship to Colorado Christian University; so I applied. I did not when the big scholarship, but it did not matter; God opened the door for me to go back to school. Now, I can show my boys that no matter what happens in your life that as long as you have God in the center of your life that anything is possible. I teach on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings at church. I am not a teacher at a school, but I teach something way more important than what two plus two is. I teach the word of God! I plant the seeds of our harvest. I am a walking testimony of how great God’s grace is.
I am showing my boys, that it does not matter how old you are; you can always go back to school. I make sure that my boys know just how important it is to have God and a

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