Personal Narrative: My Challenges As A Writer

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Coming into college I faced many challenges as a writer. Being that I was enrolled in a high school that did not care much about my academic performance, I was already led to a disadvantage and predicted not to do so well. I have missed out on an immense amount of useful tools that would have been essential to my writing process. Not knowing how to properly provide information so that I can build my essay filled with academic language led me to optimizing and remaining resilient. In my past writing assignments, it seemed to be that we were learning everything step by step, whereas in college more is expected from me as a writer on my own. As a high school student it was quite easy to push everything off till the last moment. Those two o 'clock …show more content…
I have gained a sense to stride much harder, and challenge myself although I may have failed before I actually opened my eyes and came to realization that I came to college unprepared but I did not let that completely take over. There has been several occasions I was doing an essay and I just felt like I was going down the wrong path and in a sense I was punished or in other words my grade suffered, since then I believe I have improved so much and I am now able to show my skills as a growing …show more content…
Freshman year requires a lot of discipline, but a lot of students do not possess this trait. The factors that contribute to the success of first year college students are social support, comfort within the college environment, self-control, responsibility and positive self-concept. Being a college student could be very stressful; transitioning from High school to college. Everything I have learned within this course has become extravagantly lifelong tools that I will be using. In every topic I did not completely understand I at least now have a great sense of what it

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