The Importance Of My Cultural Identity

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"The way things are", for me, I don 't know what that could be. Could it be the fact that I am African American and Japanese? Could maps help to represent my cultural identity because they help me to visualize where I want to go, where my family is, and places we 've been? Music, family and friends, robotics, and travel also describe my cultural identity. What are "The way things are" for me? What is my cultural identity; are the questions I am posed with.
When thinking about these questions about my cultural Identity and "The way things are" I immediately think of family. I have family in a lot of states and countries. My mother is Japanese, African American and from Middletown, Ohio. My grandma and my uncle still live there. My grandma is
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My collection of maps is in my room; these maps represent where I have been and where I want to go. My favorite of these Maps is bright red and in the middle of the front in large white font on the front it says "Ohio". Right above that is the Ohio flag, above that is a black strip that says universal map in bright orange, and the map itself is white. Under the Ohio is a map of the United States of America with a push pin in it, below that is black text that has a web site link; next to that is a QR code. Under the QR code is a large white strip that has two scan bars. This map of Ohio is my favorite because it shows where I live and always reminds me of home when I am not …show more content…
Maps help me visualize this like the map of Richmond, Virginia that shows me where I went on our trips there. Or the map of Ohio which shows me where I live and where I could go tomorrow. I am African American and Japanese I am influenced mostly by the Japanese side of my cultural when my mom makes food. My mom is from Middletown, Ohio. My dad is from Richmond, Virginia. They both are part African American and both have influenced me in what music I listen to, where I have gone in America and in the world, what I like to eat, and the people I hang out with. Robotics has helped me be a little more outgoing and has taught me a lot of about what I like to do and what I want to do when I grow up. The way things are for me is hectic but organized, travel inspired, and food will come in at some point, technology oriented and adequately people

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