Personal Narrative: My Childhood In Boston

How was your childhood in Boston? How did my future life mimic my childhood?

My childhood was as dreary as the rest of my life. Born in Boston in 1809, my parents were actors. My family had never been the richest, and shortly after my birth my father, David Poe begged my grandparents for money. When they did not oblige, him and my mother Eliza Poe continued to tour in acting. They left my sister Rosalie and I under the care of a nurse. My father soon left the family forever. He had always been a heavy drinker and it was discovered weeks later that he had died. Eliza Poe struggled to support the family and we were living in poverty. Once she died of tuberculosis, I was taken into the home of John and Frances Allan. Rosalie was cared for by
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I had a few books and poems published but none were very successful and I had to ask John Allan for money on one occasion. I also received money through writing contests. Finally I became an editor of magazines, making the Southern Literary Messenger famous. However, my employer did not like my drinking and was sick of my writing. After losing my job, I earned only sixteen cents a day for the next two years and lived in great poverty. I even tried to learn lithography. Nevertheless, I became an editor for Burton’s Magazine and made the magazine 's successful with my stories, poems and ability to decode ciphers sent in by subscribers. I earned five hundred dollars a year while the magazine earned four thousand. Its success was due to me, so after a few quarrels with the owner of the magazine I was fired. I had plans for my own magazine all along, but it never happened. I continued publishing stories and became an editor for another magazine. Graham’s Magazine paid more, but not enough to pay for my family and Virginia’s medical care. Graham’s Magazine, just like the two magazines before, became popular and I was barely paid. I resigned from Graham’s and continued to publish poems, stories, and write

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