The Importance Of My Best Friend

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“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow” (William Shakespeare). What is a best friend? To me a best friend is someone you can rely on for everything and anything, especially when the times get tough. It is someone who loves you unconditionally. Someone who will wipe away your tears and not only tell you everything will be OK, but will guide you into a new stage of happiness. But most of all a best friend is someone who can mold you into a better person. I was ten years old when I met my best friend and this is a day I will never forget.
It was the first day of fifth grade. From the moment I walked in I noticed a crooked teeth little girl
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Without her I would continue to be the quiet and shy girl who never spoke a word out of fear of being humiliated. We not only share tears, but we also share laughs. With every tear shed and every laugh we share, we continue to intertwine to become one. Having a friend you can count on not only changed me, but it gave me a sense of responsibility and reliability. She has always been the careless and reckless one and it is my responsibility to take action and make sure we stayed out of trouble. ‘Grandma’ is what she 's called me all throughout our childhood. She called me Grandma because I’ve always been the kind of person that acts mature in every situation. Having someone constantly counting on me made me into not just a reliable friend, but a reliable person. I 've always been her go to person in any situation. Through thick and thin we 'll be there for each other no matter the …show more content…
I was always the girl who never spoke in class, even when I was with my small circle of friends I still lacked the social skills that are necessary to be successful in life. All it took was just one little girl to change everything. She has always been the outgoing and talkative one and then there was me, the who didn 't even make a sound so I wouldn 't be noticed. That was until I saw the courage that ran through her body that inspired me stand up and speak for myself and express my opinion and beliefs without hesitation. She 's always believed in me, even if the task in mind is impossible to achieve. That kind of belief is the motivation that makes me move forward and be determined in accomplishing my goals. “You got this” are the three simple words I need to hear and right away I know she has my back no matter what

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